On Princess Kate and Hyperemesis

Hyperemesis is Serious Business, Whether You’re a Princess or a Pauper

The treatment of Kate’s condition by at least some media outlets as just another bout of morning sickness is at least in part a failure to really understand and report on pregnancy as anything other than a fantastic event, a tug of war between “choice” and anti-choice movements, a struggle to *get* pregnant, or a major social drama (think teen pregnancy).


99.7% Confident…

that I am thrilled that my stats class is done for the summer!  I did the 8 week class, so I have a four week reprieve, with just A&P left…and finally, we’re getting to the good stuff: Reproduction and Human Development!  Finally! The stuff I’ve been waiting nine months for! I’ll avoid making any pregnancy puns here…

I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since I started this journey toward midwifery school.  It feels a bit like coming back full circle, as I’ll be taking microbiology with the same instructor I had last fall for cell bio, that very first class that got things started.  And I can’t wait–I’ve been looking forward to microbiology for a long time now.

In the meantime, summer’s winding down, and we’re in the last three week stretch before a 2 week trip to Korea…more on that here.