Home Stretch!


When you’re on a quarter system, the terms fly by…I had a lovely, long Thanksgiving break from Wednesday to Sunday all the while knowing that there’s only one more week of class, then finals!

Alas, the break was not quite as relaxing as I had hoped…B ended up with shingles! We noticed a rash brewing on Sunday, but thought maybe it was just a spider bite. By Tuesday it was growing and by Wednesday night (after a long day of driving to our holiday destination), it was pretty clear to me it was shingles.

We went in to the Small Town ER on Thanksgiving morning and had what I’m positive has to be the quickest ER experience ever. Within 45 minutes we were triaged, diagnosed by the classic Small Town Doc, and discharged. Alas, since we didn’t go in right away when we first noticed the rash, it was too late to start acyclovir…so B’s just waiting it out. Fortunately, it’s been a pretty mild case…he hasn’t even had to break out the Vicodin!

For me, it was an interesting experience to see the hospital from a patient perspective. Although I’ve only had ten weeks of clinical this term, one day a week, I realized just how acclimated I’ve become to the hospital setting. I chatted away with the nurses about their new electronic records system and the kinds of cases they see roll through the ER in the winter (read: lots and lots of ski injuries).

All in all, it made me grateful that B and I have fairly easy access to good health care and that we feel comfortable asking questions of our health care providers. I know it’s not such an easy experience for many folks, and I don’t take it for granted.

One more clinical day tomorrow, one more lecture each of patho and pharm (eek!!) and that’s it! It seems hard to believe that in just a few short weeks I’ll be two-fifths through my nursing year. More soon on what’s to come this winter!