I just couldn’t wait to share this photo series from Jana Romanova. She’s a Russian photographer who suddenly found herself surrounded by friends who were all getting pregnant.

Just as quickly, all their conversations turned to children: things they needed to buy, changes they needed to make to their homes, and the daily difficulties of pregnancy. “It was a challenge for me to get used to it,” Romanova said via email. “I always try to solve my problems with photography, so I decided to make a project about it.”

She started her series, “Waiting,” by photographing her friends sleeping early in the morning in their bedrooms—a time, as she wrote on her website, “when people don’t really care about their appearance and one can see their attitude to each other and to this life that is growing inside their family.”


There’s such a lovely intimacy in these photos…a sweet time we rarely get to see. Although, the doula/midwife-to-be in me had a hard time imagining how some of these women could comfortably sleep without pillows between their knees!

On Princess Kate and Hyperemesis

Hyperemesis is Serious Business, Whether You’re a Princess or a Pauper

The treatment of Kate’s condition by at least some media outlets as just another bout of morning sickness is at least in part a failure to really understand and report on pregnancy as anything other than a fantastic event, a tug of war between “choice” and anti-choice movements, a struggle to *get* pregnant, or a major social drama (think teen pregnancy).