{becoming a midwife}

This is a series I’ve been working to help those of you who are considering midwifery as your life’s work. Making this decision is such a profound, unique experience for each midwife. I know I benefitted so much from talking with practicing midwives, current students…along with those who made the decision not to pursue midwifery.

I hope that you find it helpful. It’s just one perspective of many about the journey…


Part One: Accepting the Calling

Part Two: Finding the Path

Part Three: The Application Process (in progress!)

Part Three and a Half: The Interview

Epilogue: Zero to Sixty in 4 Years (an overview of my path, from doula to nursing pre-reqs, to midwifery)


Other midwives’ thoughts on becoming a midwife:

I’m compiling a list of blog entries from other midwives about their journey to midwifery and thoughts on applying to midwifery school. If you have a post you’d like me to link to, comment below and let me know!

Why I Want to Be a Midwife, by K. Viehmann

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