Zero to Sixty in 4 Years

I recently received a request to chronicle my journey from “pre-nursing to CNM”–what classes I took, etc. Carolyn, sorry it’s taken so long to reply. Life as a second year student nurse-midwife is a whirlwind. Add in having a baby, and you have a perfect recipe for letting some emails slip through the cracks. Also, I realized that I simply cannot remember which classes I took when…and somehow, I seem to have lost the folder on my computer that had all my pre-nursing planning docs. Probably in a moment of “must organize everything! now!” I deleted it, thinking I wouldn’t need it again.

I chose to do my pre-reqs part-time, as I was working as a doula at the time and also busy volunteering at Planned Parenthood and with Backline.

Also: I would avoid applying to programs that require an entrance exam. Sheesh! That just sounds like more work! But I was lucky, the program I wanted to go to didn’t require one.

Fall 2011

I started taking pre-reqs in the fall of 2011. I had no background in the biological sciences, so I took an intro bio for health sciences, which was a pre-req for the A&P series as well as for microbiology

Medical Terminology (online)

Winter 2012

Anatomy and Physiology I

Human Development

Spring 2012

Anatomy and Physiology II


Summer 2012

Anatomy and Physiology III

Fall 2012


Submitted application in December of 2012

Winter/Spring 2013

Accepted to accelerated RN/CNM program

Continued working as doula, studying Spanish

Summer 2013: Began the 5-quarter Accelerated Nursing Program at OHSU

Health Promotion

Pharm I

Patho I

Fall 2013

Chronic Care: Clinical and Didactic

Pharm II

Patho II

Winter 2014



Population-Based Care: Clinical and Didactic

Spring 2014

Acute Care: Clinical and Didactic

Leadership II

Summer 2014

Integrated Practicum (on L&D/MBU)

September 2014

Studied for and took NCLEX

Started working part-time as abortion RN

Fall 2014: Began the 2 year midwifery program at OHSU

Health Assessment and Diagnosis for Advanced Practice Clinicians

Advanced Patho I

Reproductive Health Care Mgt

Concepts for Advanced Practice Nursing (online only)

Winter 2015

Advanced Patho II

Advanced Pharm I

Antepartum and Postpartum Care: Clinical/Seminar and Didactic

Spring 2015

Left RN job to focus on school

Advanced Pharm II

Intrapartum Care I: Clinical/Seminar, Didactic

Evaluating Evidence (online only)

Summer 2015

Intrapartum Care II: Clinical/Seminar

Newborn Care

Midwifery Foundations (reviewed history of midwifery, scope of practice, etc)

Fall 2015: Had a baby, so took time off from gyn clinical until 8 weeks PP and did not do any IP care

Started part-time RN job in an out-patient primary care clinic to fulfill RN hour requirement for APRN licensure in OR–OR APRN’s need 384 hrs of documented RN experience to qualify for licensure…but pretty sure we’re the only state with this requirement

Advanced Gyn: Clinical and Didactic

Intrapartum Care III: Seminar only, no clinical

Foundations of Teaching Midwifery (“How to Be a Preceptor 101”)

Concepts of Advanced Nursing Knowledge and Leadership (online only)

Winter 2016: made up gyn clinical hours, started IP clinical hours from Fall

Primary Care for Midwives: Clinical/Seminar and Didactic

Intrapartum Care IV: Clinical/Seminar

Spring 2016: made up IP clinical hours from Winter

Integration Seminar (resume writing, negotiating contracts, liability, etc)

Summer 2016

Final Integration: 8 weeks of working full-time as midwife with clinical preceptor

Fall 2016

Take board exams

Apply for state licensure as CNM/APRN

Apply for NPI and DEA license (to prescribe narcotics)

Find job, get privileged and credentialed, live happily ever after as a midwife!



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