The Fourth Trimester

Well, that flew by. Tahini has been with us for almost four months now.

Being a mama to an almost 4 month old, a full-time midwifery student and a .4 FTE RN doesn’t leave a lot of blogging time these days…but life is good right now. He’s growing like a weed, grabbing everything and putting it in his mouth, laughing, and trying desperately to roll over. Being his mama is amazing, frustrating, exhausting, exhilarating, mundane, tedious, profound, and so full of love.

But one thing is clear: I’m a mama…but I was called to be a midwife long before Tahini arrived and I have no regrets about continuing my program rather than taking time off to be home. It was not easy coming back to class 2 weeks postpartum, or starting gyn clinic at 8 weeks postpartum…but I don’t regret it for a single second, because I love my work so much.

I loved learning about gyn this fall, even though I wasn’t quite as sharp or organized as I would have liked to have been. I loved getting to work with menopausal patients and hear their stories and help reassure them that yes, they still deserve a rich and fulfilling sex life if they want one. I loved getting to explain pelvic exams and Pap smears to adolescents and young adults in for their first gyn exam and then perform gentle, thoughtful, empowering exams that helped patients understand their bodies. I adored getting to talk about contraception and family planning with patients of all ages and intentions about how they wanted their families to look. I loved getting to insert IUD’s for those that wanted them, and taking them out for those who didn’t.

I started taking call again two weeks ago. I’ve caught three babies so far this quarter and have been slowly finding my hands and voice again on L&D. I’m enjoying my primary care class and seminar, along with my last intrapartum seminar, and can’t wait for my primary care clinical rotation to start this weekend. This winter is my last quarter of course work as a midwifery student. In the spring, I’ll just be taking L&D call to catch up on the hours I missed from the fall…and then this summer, I will complete my final integration (practicum) as a nurse-midwifery student. If all goes as planned, I should be sitting for my certification exam in late summer/early fall, about a year after Tahini was born.

I’m so, so grateful for the amazing guide, Alex, at the Montessori infant community that Tahini attends full-time during the week. I rest easy knowing he’s in a safe, nurturing environment while I continue to pursue my life work. I firmly believe that Tahini will only benefit from seeing his mama doing work she loves, even if that means I’m not always home, or able to attend to him all the time while I am home. I cannot imagine not being a midwife, any more than I cannot imagine not being Tahini’s mama.

Parenting was not meant to be a solo endeavor even if you choose not to work outside the home…but especially when you do, having your village around you is essential. I’m so glad Tahini is learning from Day 1 that he can get his needs met from his mama…and from his papa, and his Mike and Mo and Anne (our housemates and Mo’s mom) and his Alex…and most importantly, himself. I will not be there for him every second of every day. My greatest wish for Tahini is the same as for my patients: that he may thrill and delight in his own body, his own mind, and his own heart, feeling confident that he can accomplish anything he sets out to accomplish with his own power. I’m just the midwife here, here to help support and guide.

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