ACNM60: Sunday June 28


Gearing up for the official first day of the ACNM annual meeting tomorrow…today was a day to get registered, get organized (notice the color-coded highlights and tabs for each day?) and help Nursing Students for Choice set their booth up. I’m looking forward to an awesome day tomorrow…here’s what’s on my docket:

8am-Noon: Clinical Management of Early Pregnancy Loss

10:30-11:30: TableTalk Discussions: Modernizing Oral Histories: Midwifery Presence in New Media

(Yup, this overlaps with the first session….but I’ll be leaving that a bit early, because the second item is the presentation I’m doing with Stephanie and Robin!! Come on down and join us for lively discussion on how new media is changing the way we tell stories and create community as midwives and students!)

11:45-12:45pm: Pregnancy After Transitioning: The Male Gendered Experience with Fertility, Pregnancy, nad Birth Outcomes

2pm-3:45pm: Opening Session

4-6pm: Nursing Students for Choice Booth in the Exhibit Hall (come over and say hi, get cool buttons, and enter the raffle to win awesome posters and other prizes!!)

6-8pm: Midwives for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Abortion Caucus Meet and Greet

Events I’ve highlighted in orange that I want to go to, but can’t…but hope to find the slides for or catch up on later:

10:30-11:30am: ES110 Infusing Diversity into Clinical Teaching: Moving from Health Disparity to Health Equity

5:30-6:30pm: ES122 The Unmet Need for Family Planning–What Midwives Can Do to Help

6:30-7:30pm: Region VII meeting


So looking forward to a great first day tomorrow and hope to meet up with those of you who are here! I’ve already met a few of you and have so loved getting to put faces to names! What are you fired up to attend tomorrow? Do share! 

Be sure to check out updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the meeting!


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