Let’s Start from the Very Beginning



If you don’t know me well, here’s something you’d learn pretty quick in getting to know me: I actually really like school, and more broadly, learning new things in general. Back before nursing school started, B would snicker lovingly at the stacks of library books I’d bring home…literally a stack of books, on whatever topic had recently struck my fancy: Italian cooking, pottery, Korean history, permaculture, woodworking…the list goes on and on.

There’s just something addictive about being in that beginner’s mindset. While I love the fact that I’m delving deeper into midwifery (although, I wouldn’t go anywhere near the label “expert” yet!), I find myself wanting to turn to something new, something completely different, something that feels fresh.

Enter adult swimming lessons.

I didn’t grow up in a family that could afford swimming lessons or pool passes, so I learned the poor folks’ swim, which is to say, I can kinda sorta tread water. I can float, I’m not terrified of putting my face in the water…but I really can’t swim at all. After a certain age, it just becomes embarrassing that you don’t know how, especially when half your friends are on the high school swim team. So, yeah, the water and I, we haven’t been especially close.

But, I want Tahini (our nickname for the little bean in utero) to know how to swim…and honestly, the thought of being 7+ months pregnant in the summer and NOT really being able to enjoy a pool were both enough to push me over the edge and into the water. I had my first real swim lesson this afternoon, and people, it was so much fun!

It was refreshing to be taught by a couple of gangly teenage girls who know way more about something than I do. It was refreshing to have to relearn how to do something as basic as breathing (it’s harder than you think to overcome 30+ years of instinctual “in through the nose, out through the mouth”). It was refreshing to think about the possibilities of developing an entirely new skill set and new way of interacting with my environment. And, seriously? Who thought goggles might be such a life-changer? I think, after all these years, that I might actually like swimming!

So that’s what’s new here. Oh, and I went to the Thorn’s Game last night, my first time at a soccer game here in town. That was ridiculously fun, and a great way to release some steam from an intense first two weeks of the term. Self-care, my friends. It’s a good thing.


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