Home Sick

Well, so much for my second call shift. Last night I got a wicked case of food poisoning (no, I didn’t eat any Sabra hummus, thank goodness!), so I’m home today recuperating…which, honestly, is kind of a relief. I’ve been up at 5:30 every morning since last Saturday, and people, no matter how excited I am about the thought of maybe catching a baby, I am not a morning person.

Anyway. Being home for the day gives me a chance to catch up on other things, like napping…and working on a case study for my intrapartum seminar where I’ll present my first birth. I took out some yarn this morning to practice my one-handed knots and instrument ties. I’ve also been reading various articles I’ve been tagging from our intrapartum reading list (transfusion protocols! laceration repair! intermitten auscultation! prolonged second stage!). I’ve also been enjoying Feminist Midwife’s newest blog series on Famous Midwives. 

Sadly, this morning I had time to catch up on the news, which left me fuming about the injustices faced by African-Americans in our country every day. When will I stop reading about another black man shot and killed by the police for no good reason?

I also took the time to call my senators, asking one and thanking the other for their support of an amendment to the Child Citizenship Act of 2000. The amendment would close a loophole that prevents some adult adoptees from receiving US citizenship because their adoptive parents failed to secure it for them, and would also eliminate their risk of deportation back to a country that they do not know.

Adam Crasper’s case has been on my mind and heart lately…he just had a hearing with the ICE to review his case, and I am crossing all my fingers that is not deported and separted from his wife and children.  Consider taking five minutes to call your senators, it could change people’s lives. As an adoptee myself, I can’t imagine living with the knowledge that every day, I could face deportation simply because my parents’ and/or the adoption agency they used failed to ensure my legal right to be here. 

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