Midwifery School: Week 9


I think the last time I posted a weekly post was back in week 3 or 4 of the term…I definitely did not go into this term thinking I’d realistically be able to blog about each week…but somehow weeks 4-8 disappeared into some Black Hole.

In any case…last night I had my last reproductive health lab (wet mounts), and today had our last real health assessment lab (a bit of a repeat on sexual health histories and exams). There’s only one more week of class and then finals…and then a much needed three-week break.

In all honesty, this term didn’t really feel much like midwifery school, which sometimes was really frustrating. Only one of our classes directly addressed reproductive health in any meaningful way. A friend and I were talking about it yesterday, and we realized that somehow between now and June of 2016, somehow we’re going to become midwives. It’s a bit disconcerting how quickly this term went by…ten less weeks that I have available to me to learn the basics of what I need to be a safe and competent clinician. Eek!

I think if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past year of nursing school, though, it’s that patience has its virtues. I know that my experience would be really, really different if I were in a direct-entry program right now. I would have been doing prenatal and intrapartum clinicals already, etc. I have to remind myself that I knew all this when I started this particular path to midwifery…and I do feel I’ve learned some useful assessment skills as part of my nursing education.

That said…I’m already looking ahead to winter term. I’m registered for four classes: Advanced Patho II, Pharm I, and Antepartum and Postpartum Management, which has both a lecture component and a seminar component, in addition to a full clinical day. I’m also helping coordinate a reproductive health elective with folks from the medical school.

Some second years have told us that in the beginning of the winter it will feel like we’re just getting in the way, but by the end of the term, we’ll be able to hold our own pretty well in clinical, mostly running a prenatal visit ourselves. Finally! I’m ready to start feeling more like a midwifery student. There’s only so much of putting speculums in plastic vaginas that feels useful…at some point, we just have to dive in. Just have to wait till January…

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