Midwifery School: Week 3


Weeeeeeeeeeeek Threeeeeeee, down the chute. The thing about being on quarters is that the weeks fly so fast! It’s like water slipping through fingers…except the source is more like a fire hydrant than a hose. But, the folks who reassured me that by the end of the week I’d feel a leetle more settled were right. Sort of.

A quick peek at the week:

Advanced Pathophys:

This week’s lecture focused on cellular regulation, specifically, protein synthesis, regulation of gene expression, and cell death (mostly focused on apoptosis, but also a cursory review of necrosis). Our first forum post is due on Monday–we’re reviewing journal articles on apoptosis that are related to our specific fields (there are midwifery, family NP, pediatric NP, CRNA and acute care/geriatric care NP students in our class)…I found a fascinating article on the role of apoptosis of the cytotrophoblasts of the placenta in preeclampsia and IUGR.  Next week we delve into hormonal regulation, which I am stoked about, because, um, OXYTOCIN!!!

Reproductive Health Care Mgt.:

Whoooooeeee…that lecture was a three hour whirldwind of 165 slides of STI’s! SO. MUCH. INFO…but also awesome. I’ve started trying out different organization strategies to keep the various STI’s and their symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and complications straight. If you have suggestions, I’m all ears. I also realized that while I’m not super interested in dermatology in general (see below), you didn’t really need to twist my arm to buy an atlas of genital dermatology. Next week we dive into contraception and family planning…which eventually leads to our pelvic exam and IUD insertion labs! Last week’s lab was clinical breast exams, which was incredibly fun and helpful. We had live models who provided really useful feedback, and the labs were taught by second-year midwifery students who were fulfilling a course requirement they had–all midwifery students take a class on clinical teaching, as they’re expected to eventually serve as preceptors. It was a bit crazy to think that in a year we’ll be teaching other students!

Health Assessment and Diagnosis:

Skin, hair, nails, head and neck, and lymph. Whew! We covered a lot this week, most of which, I must be honest, was only marginally interesting. However, I did have fun with the otoscope and ophthalmoscopes…and it was good to practice palpation for lymph nodes. I’ve never had any palpable nodes, so it was neat to end up paired with a student who had several. Next week we move into cardiac/respiratory/thorax evaluation. Breaking out the stethoscope and reviewing heart valves and various murmurs like crazy! APT M!

Concepts for Advanced Practice Nursing:

This week’s forum post focused on the ethics of informed consent, based on our reading of the first section of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks…next week we’re turning to credentialing for advanced practice nurses. I have to say, this is something I don’t know a ton about, so I’m hoping there’s some good useful info we get out of it.

And that’s a wrap up for Week 3. What are you learning about these days?

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