The Final Five Countdown: Day 5

NFASM_Final Five Countdown 5A mini-reflection series to celebrate the final five days of my undergraduate nursing program. Each day I’ll share both a high and low of the last 15 months…because, let’s be honest, an accelerated nursing program is not always easy. That said, it’s been a year of incredible growth and learning, and I’m ready to bring some closure to this stage of my journey and clear the space for the learning and growth that lies ahead in the next two years as a graduate student in nurse-midwifery.


The Low: Feeling like a bumbling klutz about 90% of the time who’s always on the verge of potentially killing her patients.

There’s no getting around the fact that much of the last 15 months has been a humbling experience. I went from being an expert (in Montessori education and doula care) to being a complete novice (what exactly do nurses do?), pretty much overnight. The first term was tough, being slammed with both pharmacology and pathophysiology…but ultimately, this being a novice thing turned into…

The High: Free license to ask all the questions you could possibly want without anyone wondering why you don’t have the answer already.

As long as your in student scrubs, you have the freedom to not know everything and for that to be ok. Nursing school is the time to ask lots of questions, and get good at asking them quickly…over time, you lose the inhibition that comes with potentially “looking stupid”–there’s no such thing. Getting to be a beginner again ended up being a real gift. It didn’t mean that I lost my former knowledge…but I got to soak in the wisdom and experience of nurses and other health care professionals in a variety of disciplines, all of which will inform how I move through the world as a future nurse-midwife.

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