Countdown to RN


Folks, it’s getting real over here. Four weeks from now I will be DONE with nursing school! Yup, done, done, done, done. Fini. Terminado. Finito. Can you tell I’m excited? I am SO excited to be done with nursing school! There’s a part of me that would like to just close my eyes and have four weeks whiz by.

But then I think about what’s expected of me and I think that actually, it still feels kinda cozy to be a nursing student. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be ready to be done. But the responsibility of being the “licensed provider” that’s referred to in all the clinical guidelines is starting to sink in a little.

So what exactly do I have left between now and the letters RN after my name? Well, since I’m a Capricorn, I’ll make a list for you.

  • Approximately 120 more clinical hours (roughly equal to 10 more days on the unit)
  • One clinical issues paper (I’m going to write about the current evidence on treatment of hypertension during labor)
  • One teaching project (for the nurses on my unit–also on hypertension in labor)
  • One day shadowing the resuscitation nurse in the NICU at school
  • One more graded practice NCLEX
  • One more NCLEX study plan (and the studying that I plan to do…)
  • One afternoon of neonatal resuscitation training!
  • Four more submissions of my clinical hours (I’m kinda cheating here…it’s not really much work to document my hours…but it’s still an assignment, so on the list it goes!)
  • Two more mini-clinical reflections (thank god they’re mini!)
  • Two more post-clinical conferences with my midwifery cohort (plus one informal one with cocktails included!)
  • One teaching project presentation
  • One final clinical evaluation

I’ve already submitted my RN licensure application to the state board of nursing (with yet another round of fingerprints!)…so the only other thing left will be the NCLEX…and I’m taking my housemate Maureen’s advice about that.

She’s an RN, did the same program as me but a cohort ahead of me, and she decided she wasn’t going to tell anyone when she was taking her exam. I think it’s great advice, because I’m sure from here on out, the number one question I’ll get is “When are you gonna take the NCLEX?” Well…the last thing I need right now is more stress or anxiety about it. So…I’m not going to discuss it, except to say I’m studying (kind of) and it will be fine, and when I can add RN after my name, don’t worry, I’ll let everyone know!

As cliche as it sounds, I really can’t believe how fast things have flow since I started this blog in 2012 while working on nursing pre-reqs. In another two years, if all goes well, I’ll be a midwife. It’s both thrilling and overwhelming at the same time to think of how much I still have to learn…but if there’s any wisdom I’ve gleaned so far from nursing school, it’s this: It’s all going to be ok. Take one day at a time. Breathe. 

And with that, I head back to my lit search on hypertension and labor.



2 thoughts on “Countdown to RN

    • Ooh, congratulations, Laura! Enjoy the wild ride of nursing school! You’ll be blown away by how much you learn in such a short amount of time!

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