At Long Last!

It’s 5:51am, I’m finishing up a breakfast of yogurt and berries and packing up my trusty coffee mug…ready to start the first day of my last RN clinical rotation!

As a reminder:

Coatlicue, Brigid, Isis,

Freya and Gefjon,

Eileithyia and Ixchel,

Kwan Yin and Samshin-Halmang:

Hear my prayer.


May these hands bring comfort to all I serve. May they ease suffering and soothe fears.

May these hands learn quickly and move swiftly, every movement deliberate and with purpose.

May these hands also linger, unafraid to touch the dark places, to witness pain.

May these hands delight in the work of healing. May they always be an extension of my heart.

May these hands trust that each path is its own, welcoming the ebb and flow.

May these hands speak justice, and always sing love.

May these be the hands of a midwife.

Blessed be.



Also, because laughs are allowed:


May the Coffee flow ever bountifully,

May the Car never break down,

and May I please, oh please, dear Goddess, never Accidentally Push Snooze so many times that I’m late.

Also, may the Charting be swift.

Oh, and a Candy Drawer at the nurse’s station, that would be great, too.


Lena, Almost-RN

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