The Nursing Process: A Case Study

1. Noticing: “I am procrastinating again by perusing Facebook”.

2. Interpretation (aka “nursing problem”): Impaired reflection capacity d/t overuse of the clinical judgment model. Response: Indulge in a(nother) chocolate chip cookie.

3. Reflection-in-action: “Alas, eating the cookie does not make the reflection assignment go away. Maybe I should try a peanut butter cookie next time”.

4. Reflection-on-action: “Ugh. Now I need to go for a run. And then start the other clinical reflection I have to write.”

Humor aside, I do use this clinical judgment model pretty much every day. And really, while it may have been developed by a nurse…it really is a model on how to be a human who interacts with other humans, don’t you think?


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