Asian-American Midwives

I am so, so excited to launch a new website today, Asian-American Midwives!

API Midwives

I have long believed that there is a midwife for everyone and that the strength of our profession lies in the diversity of midwives available to serve and teach in our communities. I created Asian-American Midwives to celebrate and highlight the often hidden diversity of Asian-American midwives who care for women across the life-span.

My hope is that over the next month and half, we will be flooded with submissions of profiles of Asian-American midwives from across the country. We’ll share these profiles during Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May.

How can you get involved?

  1. Share the website far and wide, encourage Asian-American midwives you know to submit a profile!
  2. Write a guest blog post about Asian-American midwifery history or women’s health traditions.
  3. Engage in conversation in your community about diversity in the midwifery community. Share your ideas with us on Twitter!

2 thoughts on “Asian-American Midwives

    • You’re welcome, Laura! I’m really excited to see the profiles coming in, so please help spread the word and encourage folks to participate!

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