Nerdy Nursing Moments


You know you’re a nursing student when…

…you get brochures like this in the mail and you think to yourself, “Gosh, this actually looks like it could be really interesting. I really need to brush up on my lab interpretation skills…”

Can you tell that I’m starting to get excited about next term? Or, maybe I’m just really ready to be done with this one. Or both. Either way, I’m super stoked that spring break is a week away. Two weeks of vacation, then I get to launch into ten weeks of acute care.

Oh, and I have I told you yet? I’m going to be on an oncology unit for ten weeks in clinical next term! I think 5 weeks will be medical, the five surgical…but regardless, I’m really excited. Terrified, but excited. I know it’s not going to be an easy term…but I feel like I’m ready to go through this next rite of passage, in which I’ll finally get to learn some of those core hands-on skills like IV’s and reading EKG’s.

Mostly I’m excited to get back into direct patient care. This term, which has been more population-based care has been great and I used a lot of my organization and leadership skills. But I don’t want to be an epidemiologist or policy-maker or clinical administrator. I want to be a midwife.

I’ve started re-reading Mukherjee’s Emperor of All Maladies (it actually makes for a really compelling read-aloud book, which is what it has become for B and I)…as well as Theresa Brown’s lovely memoir of her first year as an oncology nurse, Critical CareI’m slowly making my list of books, movies, blogs, etc.  about cancer. Any recommendations you’d like to share?

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