A Giveaway for Students!

That’s right! I’ve been doing some early spring cleaning and have some things to give away to my lovely readers. First round is my copy of the Taber’s Medical Dictionary (w/CD) and a set of Netter’s Anatomy Cards!


Both of these resources served me well in Anatomy and Physiology and I’m excited for them to find a new home.

To Enter: Submit a comment by Monday, March 3 in which you share one thing that you’re really excited to learn in an upcoming class or workshop you’re taking. It can be anything…I love hearing what other people are learning! I’ll randomly pick one lucky person to win the dictionary and the flashcards.



UPDATE! 3/4/14

Congratulations to our winners, Anna (the medical dictionary) and Joan (the flashcards!)…loved hearing what you all are learning. Have a great week, everyone, and keep your eyes open for another giveaway soon!


3 thoughts on “A Giveaway for Students!

  1. I am looking forward to the Bay Area Doula Project training that is this coming June in PDX. I have helped organize it with Gateway Doula Project. We are looking working to incorporate more radical doulas from the community 🙂

  2. Thought of these for my fabulous daughter who has worked as an EMT for the past 10 years, and has been working nights, going to school doing pre req’s in order to attend nursing school. She’s so close to being able to apply, as soon as she finishes this quarter of A&P, she will apply to OHSU. She works nights, goes to school between sleeping and studying. I’m so proud of her persistence.
    I get those same feelings of pride reading about your journey, It’s so great to see you, and other talented young women achieving your dreams.

  3. Thanks for sharing these and all the resources you so regularly share, Lena. 🙂 I’m excited for our last three A&P lectures because we will finally be talking about the organs I love most – uterus, ovaries, etc. I was grateful to receive those fantastic flash cards from Kim, so it’s the dictionary I have my eyes on. Because of needing to keep attention focused on family for the next couple of years, it will be a few before I can officially apply to OHSU, even though I’m done with prereqs after this spring. In the between time, the dictionary would help me continue my independent education until the time is right to begin that program. 🙂

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