Guilty Pleasures…aka Self-Care

Nothing like lounging on the couch with my honey, a glass of wine and a knitting project. I tell you, I could get really used to this vacation life. We had a lovely time snowshoeing today. I can’t say it was the most quiet snowshoeing ever (the snow was pretty icy), but the views were stunning. It felt so good to be out in the fresh air, breathing hard and feeling so fully alive!


Aside from the wine on a weeknight evening, another guilty pleasure I’ve been indulging in is Pinterest. So, I go through these love-hate relationships with social media in general…and for the longest time, Pinterest made no sense to me at all–another time waster, was my opinion. But I’m beginning to see how nice it is to have a visual way to store my “favorites”…I like the idea of using my Pinterest board as an “inspiration” or self-care space…it’s the place I can collect all the bits of loveliness that I find helpful to turn to in times of stress (ahem, school).


So, yes, I’ve been cozying up in bed in the mornings with my iPad while B sleeps, pinning knitting projects, new recipes to try, garden dreams, sauerkraut recipes (just bought a crock!), Korean food (sigh…). Also, inspired by my friend K, I’ve started a “families” board, to collect photos of diverse families. More midwifery related things will be added, too.

What are your indulgences?

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