clinical reflection 1

This week was actually Week 3 of clinical…it’s going by so fast! I want to take more time to write and reflect, but it feels difficult to find the time. There’s always more work and the reflections often get set aside in place of trying to stay afloat on assignments.

To be honest, this fall has been challenging in several ways, starting with time management. Funny enough, my nursing mentor that I worked with yesterday singled out my time management as a strength of mine, which I think is hilarious. I felt behind all day long, whether it was because I couldn’t find the right dressings in the med room, or because she had to re-check a manual blood pressure I charted, or because my fingers just couldn’t press the right scroll button on Pyxis, or because Epic is…well, an Epic Monster to navigate.

So, in lieu of a more thoughtful, well-crafted reflection, here are a few tidbits of things I’ve learned in the past three weeks:

  • how to empty catheters and teach patients how to take care of them at home (when you’re on a urology unit, you get to see a lot of catheters)
  • go slow with the Pyxis (the touch screen is super sensitive)
  • answering the call light right away takes so little, but it means so much to the patient
  • warm blankets can totally change a patient’s mood
  • take slow, deep breaths. lots of them. often. yes, the patient’s need their meds…but they need them from a nurse who is calm and focused and completely present in the moment
  • eat breakfast before your shift, even if you don’t feel like it
  • keep practicing manual blood pressure, even if everyone uses the electric cuffs. you never know when you’ll need to check (and re-check)
  • listen. listen, listen, listen.

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