One of the ways I de-stress is by making things. Like many folks in the midwifery world, I’m a knitter (not a sophisticated one, though–I still haven’t figured out how to fix my mistakes!). I like trying new recipes (101 Cookbooks, anyone???). A dear friend once called me a “fire-starter,” meaning I’m always sparking new ideas. Sometimes I play with an idea for a while and it becomes a project (or, in the case of my doula work, a full-fledged business)…and sometimes, I pass the spark on to someone else. This same friend may also lovingly poke fun at the number of blogs I like to start.

It really was only a matter of time before I felt compelled to start a Facebook Page for this blog. Why, you might ask, does a blog need a Facebook page?

Well, one change that I’ve decided to make is to say farewell to the [Friday Wrap Up] series. This has been a long-running feature on my blog, in which I compile some of my favorite articles and news items from the week. But the truth is, it’s become more of a chore and I’m not enjoying it anymore. I’ll be using Facebook instead, posting my favorite interesting links as they come across my feed. Facebook can be a great way to spark new connections and conversations.

So, hop on over to my page on the Book of Face and like Notes from a Student Midwife! I’ll still be blogging, using this space for lengthier reflections on my growth as a nurse and midwife…but Facebook will allow for some more nimble sharing and conversations. At least that’s the hope. I’m especially excited to start connecting with other midwives of color and anyone who identifies as a radical nurse or midwife. I know there are lots of us out there!

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