As I mentioned in a previous post, I didn’t get much of a vacation this September. But I’ve been trying to soak in the quiet moments of relaxation when I can. Yesterday I went on an overnight camping trip with a group of friends from nursing school. It was, well, a bit ridiculous, actually. We were up at about 3,600 feet and yep, it was raining. Go figure. We made the best of it (thank goodness for firewood!!) and there were many moments of hilarity. It’s the kind of trip we’ll all look back on fondly in a few weeks when we’re eyeball deep in clinicals.

I feel like I should be preparing somehow for fall term. Our clinical is in chronic care and I’ll be on a urology floor one day a week. There’s going to be a lot thrown at us in these first few weeks. And, truth be told, I didn’t do so hot on my patho final last term. But I just can’t bring myself to actually sit down with the books. So, maybe I’ll get around to it this weekend on our getaway to the coast…or maybe I’m just going to try that self-care is the most important thing right now.

I have been mulling over some new features for the blog this fall, however, and one is already in the works. I’ll be taking a medical Spanish class on Monday nights, which I’m really, really excited about. I have the lofty goal of graduating as a midwife capable of providing care in Spanish. I’ve got a long ways to go, but I think I have a solid foundation. I studied it in college and spent a spring in Costa Rica. I’ve taken classes off and on since and was in Mexico this spring, which was a really refresher. I’m hoping this focused class will help strengthen my medical vocab and assessment skills. To help me practice, I’ve decided to have a new weekly feature, {En español} to give me a chance to review what I learn.

I’ll also be writing about my clinical experiences (being ever so mindful of HIPAA, of course. Making’s of a Nurse has a great policy I plan to follow as well.

Here’s to the last week of vacation! The weather may be turning, but all the better to cozy up with some books (¡en español, por supuesto!), a cup of tea and some slow, deep breaths before we dive back in.

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