Yup, it’s September 8th and I’m finally two days into my summer vacation. So far, they’ve been spent mostly in my pajamas, either reading a book or sleeping. I haven’t looked at a calendar or planner since Thursday and tonight B and I head downtown for a concert. A Sunday night concert!

But of course, I do have a list of things I want to do over break. We have three weeks off, which is long enough that I need to prioritize a bit. On the top ten list:

  • Lounging in the hammock (gotta take advantage of these sunny days while I can!)
  • Go to the beach (planned for the last weekend before school starts again)
  • Go apple picking (paired with wine tasting, maybe?)
  • Watch at least three amazing movies (recommendations, anyone?)
  • Make some more progress on the yard projects (including removing the AWESOME white plastic picket fence we inherited when we moved in)
  • Brush up on some Spanish before I dive into Medical Spanish this fall
  • Bake things! (I’m taking care of a friend’s Kitchen-Aid mixer while they’re abroad…so there’s no excuse!)
  • Watch some birth videos with my fellow midwifery peeps (Catching Babies is on the list…)
  • Game night! Or several!
  • More hammock lounging…

Bring on the summer!

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