Taproot Midwifery

Exciting news! After three long years of education and apprenticeship, my dear friend Krystel Viehmann is finally able to set up shop as a certified professional midwife (CPM) and licensed midwife in CA.

Great, you’re thinking. Another midwife, that’s cool. But why does that need a blog post?

Here’s why, my friends.

(Note: This is not an advertisement for her practice and she did not ask me to write this post…in fact, once she finds it, she’ll probably be slightly embarrassed. But I feel moved to write it anyway.)

Krystel is one of the few home birth midwives I know of anywhere in the country who is actively, openly grounding her practice in anti-oppression work. The language on her website is so unique–it not just acknowledges, but affirms that families are created in myriad ways.

We are here to serve you and your unique family. Every family at Taproot Midwifery is treated with utmost respect and we celebrate what makes your family special.

Taproot Midwifery is for every family. Two-parent families, single-parent families, and families with co-parents helping out in creative ways. Families having their first baby and families having their fifth. Queer families, trans* or genderqueer parents, or poly families. Beautiful intergenerational families with grandparents to spare. Extended families bonded together by love and friendship regardless of blood ties.

Families of all colors and multiracial families. Teen parents. Parents having their first baby at 45 years old. Pagan, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, LDS, and Atheist families. Families where everyone speaks one language and families where multiple languages are heard every night at the dinner table. We have room for you in our practice.

Seriously?! My heart is all a flutter…when is the last time you saw something like this on a midwifery practice’s page? In a world that usually hypes up soft Anne Geddes style images mostly upper-class, white women breastfeeding white babies, it is refreshing beyond belief to read about her approach to midwifery.

Having been witness to Krystel’s journey has been in incredible gift for me. I’ve learned so much through hearing her experiences with midwifery preceptors. I’ve been exposed to vast need for more thoughtful, inclusive education in the home birth midwifery world, and the ways in which I will look into the world of nurse-midwifery to bring about the same much-needed radical change.

When I feel lost in the depth of pharmacology, wondering again for the hundredth time why I was called to this path, I think about Krystel and her fledgling midwifery practice and all the potential for radical anti-oppression work that is encapsulated within being a midwife in the world. Then I remember the privilege and honor of being called to be a midwife and I can get back to work.

One thought on “Taproot Midwifery

  1. What a wonderfully written, insiteful tribute to the new Taproot Midwifery practice, and Krystel’s very open, loving approach! Thank you for sharing.

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