Second Week

Today in clinical we talked about charting and I had one of those moments that really drove home that this is an accelerated program. The instructor was just briefly going over how we will sign charts as nursing students. This summer and fall, you’ll sign as SN1, she said. Student nurse, first year. In the winter and spring terms, you’ll sign SN2. And next summer, SN3.

I’m already going back to my list I made last week. Trust the process. And slooooow down.

This past week we had double-dose of health promotion, as our instructor for patho and pharm was out of town. We completed our first case study, which involved a pediatric health history. We’ve talked about immunizations and developmental milestones. We’ve talked a million times about evidence-based practice and practiced online database searches. We’ve also been practicing taking blood pressures and pulses.

But mostly, I think we’re all trying to wrap our minds around this transformation that is happening, in which we are experimenting with what it means to “think like a nurse.” We don’t have all the vocabulary yet, or hands-on skills…but the framework is there (oh, yes, I think we talk about Tanner’s Clinical Judgment Model almost every day…). I’m not surprised at all to find that this model is pretty much exactly what Montessori teachers do: Notice, Interpret, Respond, Reflect. It feels very familiar, only the context is different. Instead of facilitating learning, I’m now facilitating wellness–physically and emotionally.

One of our reflection questions this week invited us to reflect on a physical activity we’ve learned in the past and the strategies for learning that helped us to become “fluent” in that skill. At first I had hard time thinking of something…so much of my work more recently has felt intellectual rather than physical. But then I remembered back to learning to play the flute, how I methodically practiced three notes at a time, made flashcards of fingerings, practiced even when I didn’t have my instrument with me. I found ways to integrate the kinesthetic, visual, and auditory experience of making music…and I’m realizing that already I am doing the same with learning the psycho-motor skills of nursing.

Next week will be patho and pharm-heavy, since we didn’t have it this week…I’m looking forward to some more focused content. Probably not much posting will happen next week, if looking at the syllabus and reading list is anywhere close to an accurate indication of how busy I might be.

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