[Friday Wrap Up]: 18

Folks have been denouncing Mayor Bloomberg’s poor judgement in these anti-teen parenting ads since the day they were released. For so many reasons, blaming and shaming teen parents just. doesn’t. work. People are coming out of the woodwork to share their stories and demand an end to the continued stigma and shaming of these young families.

My top favorites:

Update on The Pushback

NY Coalition for Reproductive Justice

Melissa Harris-Perry tells Mayor Bloomberg what’s up

Other NY politicians give their two cents

This campaign also misses a fundamental reality about teen pregnancy: it’s a symptom of larger problems. Impoverished communities, a lack of support for teenagers, and continuing stigmatization of age-appropriate sex education all create an environment with more teen pregnancies. Spending money on a ‘scared straight’ campaign would be a distraction even if the ads weren’t so fatally stupid in their design and message. –Liz Krueger, NY State Senator

Miriam Perez actually texts in to the number in the ad, with appalling results

Other articles/news of note:

NYTimes photoessay on birth around the world

Yet another article on the benefits of midwifery care. Someday, this will be such common knowledge that we won’t even have to think about it.

Being a doula and physically disabled: Miriam Perez answers blog questions about whether it’s feasible…the short answer: YES!

An awesome essay by midwife Jennie Joseph on the role of African-American midwives in the US.

ANSIRH is teaming up with Ipas to offer webinars on abortion stigma. They’re awesome, and available here.

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