[Friday Wrap Up]: 17

I know, it’s not actually Friday…but since it’s a long weekend, I figure I’m safe.

Some links that have crossed my radar this week:

Four years later…maybe Dr. Tiller’s clinic will be re-opening? Oh, this would make me so happy…especially considering all of the continued nonsense I’m reading about in ArizonaWisconsin and North Dakota.

A Canadian study finds no benefit for planned cesareans for twins. This isn’t a perfect study, and many will argue it’s less relevant because it doesn’t include high-risk patients or breech pregnancies. Honestly, even if it had included high-risk patients and had similar outcomes, I doubt it would change practice here in the State much, at least for a while…but still…it’s heartening to see that there are doctors out there questioning practices that are often done only because “that’s the way they’re done.” Another clip.

Back in my homestate of MN, doulas are finally getting some recognition. A U of M study examines the benefits of doula care for low-income women. It even made the Star Tribune.

This is a fascinating article about a group of Vietnamese women who choose single-parenthood in the years after the Vietnam War…as I wrote on my FB wall:

This is a fascinating article…it intersects with so many of my personal and professional roles of adoptee, doula, soon-to-be midwifery student, reproductive justice advocate…

How do we define parenthood and family? Who determines who is “fit” for parenthood? How does our culture influence our beliefs about the “drawbacks” of family formation outside the “norm” of mom+dad+2.5 kids?

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