It’s Official!

I am no longer an (almost) student midwife!

Yesterday afternoon I received the call from my top choice school offering me a place in their joint accelerated RN/CNM program! The squealing and jumping up and down were heard all down the block and even all the way to MN (my husband was on a video conference call for work when I burst in, jumping up and down on the verge of tears…).

I’m thrilled and excited and nervous all at the same time.  Mostly though, I’m full of gratitude for the love and support of so many friends and midwives who have offered sage advice and a listening ear. In fact, one of those friends texted me after I shared the news and reminded me that a) the program is hard, and b) that she’ll be there anytime I need support. “It takes a village to raise a midwife, you know?” she wrote. And yup, I have to agree. I am grateful beyond words for my village.

So, what do the next few years hold, you ask? Well, they will be full, and not of sleep (alas!). I’ll begin with the 15-month accelerated bachelor’s of nursing program, which starts in late June. At the end of that program, I’ll sit for the NCLEX exams, and if I pass and successfully obtain my RN, I’ll be qualified to start the midwifery program.

I applied for the DNP (doctorate of nursing practice) option, which means three years of graduate-level study focused on midwifery and women’s health. The first two years build core competencies as a nurse-midwife and advanced practice clinician. At the end of the second year, I’ll participate in a two-month integration experience, in which I’ll practice full-scope midwifery care under supervision of a preceptor.

The third year is the DNP year and involves coursework on research methods and program assessment as well as electives, a three-term clinical residency, and a final research project in a specialty of my choice. I hope to spend my residency developing my skills in providing LGBTQ-inclusive midwifery care and potentially training to provide abortion care (that will depend on the availability of qualified preceptors).

So, what will I be up to in these next months before delving back into school…(besides sleeping)?

Lots of relaxing with friends. Reading. Some travel. Connecting with like-minded nursing and nurse-midwifery students at NAF. Maybe a few weeks here in May…basically, relishing the time I have to connect with friends, recharge, and nurture good habits of self-care before delving into the next 4+ years of midwifery training.

I. Can’t. Wait!!


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