Parenting With Disabilities

Two years ago, Erika Johnson gave birth to her first child. When she had trouble breast-feeding, a nurse soothed her by saying that many mothers find nursing hard at first. Then the nurse called social services.

Johnson and her husband are both blind, which concerned the nurse and caused a social worker to put their baby Mikaela in foster care for 57 days. “It was sickening that they assumed because we’re blind we can’t take care of her,” says Johnson, who lives in Independence, Mo. “I was angry, upset, sad, frustrated. It was my first child.”



A baby is separated from her parents for 57 days after one encounter with a social worker? Geeze, we’re not in the 19th century, anymore, folks. Do your research. People with disabilities can and do parent, everyday.

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One thought on “Parenting With Disabilities

  1. I work in various postpartum units and man, some social workers and nurses concern me sometimes.. There is a big need for anti-discrimination and cultural competency training I’ll just say… And In this targeting of “different” types of moms or families for lab drug tests or social work assessment, I see the root of the tragic overrepresentation of poor and/or racial minority folks in foster care.

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