Reading List

Oh, there are so many books and articles to read! (Also, so many blog posts to write, but I just tell myself I’m practicing for when I’ll have even less time.)

I do believe that last time I wrote, the blog post some thing about “Easing” into fall. I’d update that to be more like spiral vortex at high speed now…but it still feels manageable, and more importantly, enjoyable.

I’m loving microbiology, which takes considerable study time, but always feels exciting and interesting. Lab is great fun–I love actually feeling like I’m learning something practical, and there’s a lot of practical in micro lab. I’m also taking Korean this fall, in the hopes of spending three months there this spring before I (hopefully) start nursing school. Those two things, along with doula clients, other volunteer commitments, and finally settling into the application process, keep my days full.

So, I’m mostly about list-making these days, to keep track of things I want to read when things slow down a bit after fall finals.

On the list:

Henci Goer’s new book “Optimal Care in Childbirth: The Case for a Physiologic Approach”

Barbara Kingsolver’s soon to be released new novel “Flight Behavior”

Sun Yung Shin’s new collection of poetry “Rough, and Savage” (just arrived in my mailbox this week!)

And more…that I somehow can’t remember at the moment, perhaps related to the late hour. Off to bed!


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