Turning the Corner

I’ve been a bit relaxed these past few weeks on the blog…and by relaxed I mean non-present. We’re already into week 3 of the term…just took my first stats test today. Nothing too complicated. In fact, I’m finding that aside from the rather tedious homework, I’m actually really enjoying the class so far.  Granted, this isn’t rocket science (just standard deviation and z-scores…) but I enjoy reading research and thinking about all the cool projects I’d love to explore someday…which leads to me to think about how I could design studies of my own.

So, when registering for my last official term of pre-reqs this fall, I signed up for Stats II along with my Microbiology class. I’m pretty stoked for the fall–I’ve been pining for micro since I first took cell bio last fall. I loved the professor, and now I’ll get to be in her class again, as she teaches her speciality.

I got my transcript review back from the main program I’m hoping to attend, with a thumbs up on all my classes.  As long as I pass the next two terms  with B or better, I’m all set. To apply, that is. Applications open September 1, which has me both super excited.

In the meantime…I’m reading up on respiration and digestion for my first A&P mid-term next Tuesday…and when I’m not doing that, I’m reading something from this stack.

I’ve also got two clients who are hoping to meet their little ones in the next month…and I’m on pins and needles waiting to hear back from GOAL about my application to First Trip Home 2012. Hopefully I’ll find out tomorrow!! Also looking forward to another shadow day with a wonderful CNM I know here in town. I’ll be observing her on call during a day shift at a local L&D unit…can’t wait.

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