A Glimpse of the Future

This morning, after finishing my lab final for A&P II, I raced over to hear two very dear friends, just recently graduated as nurse-midwives, present their integration experiences to their midwifery faculty and current cohorts. It was fairly casual, but a wonderful chance to hear more details about what integration’s like.  I feel like I have a much better sense of what to expect during those last weeks of my midwifery training, and the diversity of settings that are available.

It was also a great glimpse into all the things that we never think about: namely, the business side of things.  Several of the presenters touched on the financial aspects of starting a private midwifery practice, or working in a HMO, or in a FQHC, or even working within a hospital practice. It was interesting to hear them muse on the ways in which providers balance the needs of their patients with meeting the bottom line.

As someone considering applying to the National Health Service Corps to help fund my midwifery education, it was especially great to hear my friend Laura present her integration experience in Chinle, AZ. One thing I noticed was the way in which everyone else talked about “patient populations” and what the “social” challenges were (complicated social history includes anything from drug abuse to domestic violence to poverty, etc).  The assumptions underlying some of the “social” challenges were pretty pervasive, and it made me think about how I can maintain a sense of openness to meeting people where they are without coming to conclusions after just reading a chart or doing an intake assessment.  It’s one of the things I love about being a doula–I have lots of time to get to know my clients without feeling rushed to make assumptions about their preferences.

Mostly, though, I left feeling a renewed sense of motivation and excitement for this path to midwifery.  Sometimes (perhaps especially) in the midst of memorizing blood vessels, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture.  Hearing my friends and their cohort share their culminating experiences was a good dose of inspiration, and wonderful glimpse of where I hope to be three or four years from now.

Speaking of school…

I’ve mostly finished my nutrition take-home, and my lab final for A&P is done…so now I can focus on the lecture final on Tuesday, and my final oral presentation for Spanish, which is a group presentation.  And then I’m done, and free until June 25th!  This summer I’ll only be taking two classes, which will feel positively luxurious! Looking forward to checking two more classes off that list…

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