[Friday Wrap Up]: 10

Wow, it’s been a busy week…both personally and in the broader midwifery community.

Since the resignation of the MOC Inner Council, I’ve been following the conversation over on MANA’s Facebook page closely. There’s been a lot of hurt over the years that needs healing…but I’m also impressed by some of the depth of heart and intention in moving forward.

I’m particularly interested in the efforts of the Future Midwives Alliance in drafting a Midwifery Student Bill of Rights.  Having several friends who are pursuing or finishing apprenticeships for direct-entry midwifery, I’ve learned a lot about the pitfalls of apprenticeship. As a future nurse-midwifery student, my hands-on clinical training will take a different path (namely, I’ll be doing most if not all of my clinical work under the preceptorship of hospital-based nurse-midwives), but I fully support my sisters who are pursuing midwifery by traditional apprenticeship. Further, I would really like to see more support and better guidelines and protocols to help protect these student midwives from being taken advantage of during such a formative period of their training.

Reading and Pondering:

…This blog post exploring the often dichotomous views of adoption and abortion…as an adoptee and self-described pro-choice advocate, there’s a lot there resonated for me here.

…How sad I feel that it took until 2012 for Wisconsin to have its first licensed midwife of color. Tehmina Islam sounds like an amazing midwife…but really, we need more midwives of color, everywhere.

…This webinar on racial disparities of breast cancer outcomes by Breast Cancer Action on my own time…and looking forward to seeing Pink Ribbon, Inc. when it comes to theaters here in Portland.

…The depiction of nurses and teachers as “pink collar” workers in the NYT article earlier this week about men moving into jobs traditionally held by women.

…Also, really, really wishing I could be in Philly at the end of the month for this awesome workshop on full spectrum midwifery/doula care at the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference. I’ve heard and read about the work of Miriam Perez and Pati Garcia for a while now…so I have no doubt this will be an amazing workshop.

When not reading and pondering, I’m delving into the final three weeks of A&P…we’ll be focused on the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems–blood and blood vessels, the heart and lungs.  Although it is definitely complex, it’s also more directly applicable to my future work as a clinician…so it feels less like hum-drum memorization. Today in lab we dissect a pig’s heart–it was huge!

Oh, and I’m on-call for two mamas due any day.  Can’t get much more exciting than that!

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