In Dire Need of a Nap!

This week, was, in a nutshell, crazy.  Amazing, but crazy.  Perhaps it was not the most responsible decision to head out of town for a conference the weekend before finals, but oh, I’m so glad I did!  I met a lot of awesome CNM/NP students, connected with other APC’s, and in general learned a lot about reproductive health issues.

I came home with a renewed passion for this path I’m on, and I’m really, really excited to start the application process for RN/CNM programs this fall.

In other news…thinking of taking an online pathophysiology class this summer, just to dip my toes in a bit more.  I probably should do microbiology first, but the instructor I really want to take it with doesn’t teach in the summers, so I’m waiting.  We’ll see…

Also, so thrilled about Alissa Perrucci’s new book, Decision Assessment and Counseling in Abortion Care: Philosophy and Practice. As a volunteer options counselor, I always am on the lookout for new frameworks to help guide my approach, and this book is fantastic. I really appreciate her perspective on ambivalence–that more often than not we are ambivalent to some degree about decisions we make, and it’s the job of the counselor to give space to explore and validate those ambivalent feelings as normal.

Ok, now, for a quick nap before a doula business consultant meeting and then prenatal tonight!

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