That’s how I feel about this term so far.  We are just whizzing already!  But it’s great…I’m really enjoying all my classes.

A&P II: We’ve delved right into the brain this term, after a quick review of the spinal cord and reflexes.  It’s all very complicated, but incredibly fascinating. Last week in lab we dissected sheep brains (I’ll spare the photos)…I’m looking forward to cow’s eyes and sheep hearts later in the term.

Nutrition: We’ve started with carbohydrates, and are in the middle of dietary studies, where we chart our complete nutritional intake for three days and calculate the nutrients consumed.  I’m actually really enjoying this class so far…

Spanish:  I’ve been wanting to jump back into Spanish for a while now, and I’m so glad I did.  I love the instructor, and while a lot of what we’re covering now is review, the repetition and slower pace is really good as I try to drill some of the grammatical concepts and vocabulary.  To practice I’m listening to lots of Amaral and Julieta Venegas lately, digging up some old-school Shakira…muy divertida!

And then there’s my doula work…it’s raining babies this spring, and I have three clients due between now and June.  So, yeah, it may be pretty quiet on the blog this spring.

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