Oh, I know, I have a loooong ways to go…but it felt so satisfying to check off the winter term courses in the countdown widget on the right (scroll down).

And, just because, I checked to see if any grades were posted this morning…and my A&P instructor had indeed posted!  And…it was an A!!!

Truth be told, I was not quite sure, especially after that last lab final…but I definitely felt a surge of relief.  I know grades aren’t everything, but it’s really hard not to feel the pressure of getting straight A’s when I think about how competitive some of these programs are.

Anyway.  I’m about to shut down my computer for a week (!!), as I leave in a few hours to visit a dear friend in CA, who’s due with her first wee one in early April.  Not to worry, I’ll be bringing some reading with me…the first few chapters of my nutrition text, and a couple of books I ordered from Amazon, one on DNP programs and the other on nursing theory.  Yes…I am one of those people who actually likes reading about theory. For fun, I’m reading Siddhartha Mukherjee’s Emperor of All Maladies…there’s a reason this book won the Pulitzer–it’s fascinating and incredibly well-written).

And yes…I am one of those people considering applying to DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) programs in midwifery.  I know they’re pretty controversial, but the more I read about them, the more I can see the value of extending entry-level education of advanced practice nurses to the doctoral level.  If nothing else, the thought of a more extensive clinical residency, with research opportunities, is really appealing.  I’ve been talking about it with people and still haven’t come to any conclusions yet (hence the book), but I’m looking forward to hearing more people’s thoughts and experiences.

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