Muscles, Be Done!

Had my A&P I lab final on Thursday.  We’ll see.  I’m not sure how I did…all those flexors and extensors of the hands and feet…my goodness.  I ran into a current CNM student I know–she’s finishing up the program I’ll be applying to this fall.  She laughed, and reassured me that most health care professionals forget those muscles promptly as well, unless they really need to know then on a daily basis.  Whew! A lunch date with a fellow alumna from my undergrad alma mater who’s also a student in the same program was a good reminder to stay focused on the big picture…and I left that coffee date more excited than ever to continue this path to midwifery.

But back to finishing this term…

With the lab final off my plate I’m focusing now on the lecture final.  Most of it will be nervous tissue and spinal cord related, with a bit of cumulative stuff too: muscle contraction, feedback cycles, the main types of tissues, bone regeneration…I think I’ll do okay on this stuff (I’m much more of a process-oriented person!), so hopefully that will tip me over the edge for an A.  We shall see.

Mostly, I’m excited to be done so I can go visit my friend BH in CA next week.

Also…this was a good reminder to take time for self-care. I may not relax “intensely,” but as a doula, the message about the importance of balance resonates. This week was a little nuts–I started the week by driving to campus on Monday to study at the library, and ended up in a car crash that required extensive repairs at the collision center.  It didn’t help that it was the week of finals…but last night a friend came for dinner, and we watched Goodbye, Lenin (which is awesome–you should see it if you haven’t). Today I feel more relaxed and ready to hit the books.

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