[Friday Wrap Up]: 6

Whoa, Nelly!  Things are starting to wind down this term (what?! when did that happen?!), and I’m starting to feel the pinch.  Our final lab practical is next Thursday–it will cover all the bones and muscles we’ve learned in the last three weeks.  One more week of lecture, covering the spinal cord and cranial nerves, and then lecture final is Tuesday the 20th. On the 23rd, I head to CA for a few days with a dear friend expecting her first baby in early April.

And although I should probably be studying for finals on my non-class day, I’m opting instead to attend a workshop on infant adoption for nursing students.  Although I’m not a nursing student yet, I have friends in a local nursing program who are involved in their school’s Reproductive Justice/Nursing Students for Choice chapter.  They’re putting on this workshop, along with some staff from the local Boys and Girls Aid, and I’m super interested in how this will be presented….and to get a sense of how nursing students are prepared to support women who may be planning to place for adoption. More next week.

Other random bits that have crossed my mind in between cramming more muscles into my already full brain:

  • Where are all the Asian and Asian-American midwives?  As a Korean-American adoptee, I keep my eyes peeled for anyone who looks like me in the world of midwifery.  I know of one student who’s also Asian-American…but have yet to meet either a CNM or CPM who identifies as A/AA/PI. There’s this midwife whose site I stumbled upon…but we don’t live on the same coast!
  • Guess I’m not the only future midwife who worked in education first…like me, Makeda got her MEd first, then went into midwifery.  Maybe someday I’ll get to meet her–sounds like she does fabulous work in global maternal health.
  • I really want to see this film, which chronicles the experience of several midwifery students at Maternidad la Luz, down in El Paso…hopefully the doulas and midwives in my community can come together to host a screening this summer.
  • May have stayed up too late last night reading just one more page of this book, recommended to me by a friend. I agree with a lot of it (ie, our health care system is in dire need of major overhaul)…and yet other parts are a reminder of why I feel called to midwifery as opposed to pediatrics or obstetrics. It’s well-written though, and a great insider’s look into the how it’s becoming harder to just practice good, common-sense medicine in an age of managed health care and absurd malpractice lawsuits.

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