[Friday Wrap Up]: 5

Yup, that’s Anne Frye’s Holistic Midwifery, Volume 1. I’ve been wanting to add this volume to my library for a while, but with the upcoming midwifery study group fast approaching, I decided that now was the time.

I’d love nothing more than to cozy up with it tonight, but I have a post for Human Development due, and about a million flashcards to finish making for our first group of muscles in A&P lab.  This is what everyone thinks about when they think of A&P–memorizing a million muscles, their origins, insertions, and actions.

And the truth?

I kinda like it.  No…actually I really like it.  I finally feel like I’m understanding how my body works, how it all fits together.  And really, what can be more empowering than that?

I did draw a breath of relief upon receiving my second lecture mid-term back…92.  I definitely left the exam knowing that there were at least 8 questions I wasn’t sure about my answers for…so it was a relief to not get all 8 wrong!

The rest of the term will focus on muscles in lab, and beginning the nervous system and spinal cord in lecture–we’ll continue with the brain next term.  Not quite sure I can believe it’s almost over already. Two more weeks, then finals, then I head down to CA to spend some time with a dear friend due with her first babe in early April!

In other news, the wonderful Miriam Perez, over at Radical Doula, is working on publishing what will be the first Radical Doula Guide.  Super, super cool!

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