[Friday Wrap Up]: 3

This week?  It’s bones, baby!  Yesterday’s lab was all axial skeleton: skull, vertebrae and ribs. I’ve been trying to get my hands on the models as much as possible–pictures just aren’t the same as poking your pipe cleaner pointer in and out of various foramina and figuring out just exactly where all those little holes go.

Some of the models in lab were real bones…and it did feel rather strange to know that the skull I was holding in my hands belonged at one time to a person who lived and breathed on this earth.  Our lab doesn’t do cadavers (it’s a community college, not enough money!), so this is likely as close as I’ll get in A&P to working with real bodies…

Other things that have crossed my desk this week:

Bishop’s Score and Induction…I want to start giving this to all my doula clients

Radical Doulas: Claiming Our Values

Yes. Let’s take back this notion that only conservative Christians have “values”.

This. Is. Just. Appalling.

And this?  Even more so.

Among other items on my to do list is a long post about the role that midwives play in contraception and family planning in this country…it’s been stewing for a while now.  But first I need to clear the smoke from all the flames that have been coming out of my mouth lately.

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