Lab Practical I…

Getting my Nervous Tissue On

is done…25 stations, 3 questions at each station, 3 minutes per station. The answers I knew, I knew well, the ones I didn’t…well, there was no amount of sitting there that was going to conjure them from the fried depths of my frontal lobes…

But it feels good to have it done, anyway, and now we can move on to other things.  Like memorizing all 206 bones of the body.  Er, yeah.  I’ve got my work cut out for me.

In other exciting news, a doula friend and I have been invited to help present a workshop on non-pharmacologic pain relief in labor with some awesome CNM’s at this summer’s AAFP conference!  Talk about amazing opportunity to connect with family physicians committed to holistic birth.  I’m already filing away ideas on how to present what we do as doulas from a holistic perspective…and it begins with reinventing the language we use to communicate about pain and our ability to cope with it.

But in the meantime, back to studying go I.  This has been my view lately…lots and lots of flashcards.

Epithelial Tissue!

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