Anatomy and Physiology…let the madness begin!

Today was the first day of winter term. I’m taking the first of a three course sequence on A&P, as well as a Human Development class online.  I’m most excited about A&P–I’ve been wanting to take this class for several years now!  It’s also the class that makes it feel more official that I’m a “pre-nursing student”.

One of my favorite ways to start a term is to ask friends who’ve taken these classes before what their favorite study methods/resources are.  One gem that popped up is Professor Marian Diamond, a lecturer in Anatomy at UC Berkeley.  She’s been there forever, and her lectures can be found online.  Here is a true teacher at heart, one who is committed not just to passing on information, but on lighting the flame in her students.  Her passion and love for the subject come through, and it’s hard not to be impacted by her infectious enthusiasm.

The Montessori teacher in me loves that she refuses to give handouts or use Powerpoint.  Instead, she writes the old-fashioned way: chalk on chalkboard.  “I want you to have time to think,” she says.  If only all instructors thought this way.

I have to say, after watching this video, it was a bit hard to walk into class today knowing the instructor was going to pretty much be reading from PowerPoints put together by the text book publisher.  It’s just not the same…

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