Technically speaking, I’m not officially a student midwife yet, or even a midwifery student, as I’m not officially admitted or enrolled in a midwifery program.

Yet, is the key word here.

My goal is to become a midwife, and this blog will be the space for me to record my thoughts and experiences along the way. I’m pretty sure that there will be many, many quiet spells on this blog (it’s definitely one thing I notice about other student midwife blogs…there are lots of posts around the holiday breaks, but not much in between!).

I don’t expect that this blog will be read by very many people, and that’s okay. I do hope that it may be helpful in the future for other people considering whether midwifery is the right path for them. There’s a lot to consider before diving into the world of midwifery–it’s definitely not a quick and easy decision.

In the next few days before another term starts up, I’ll be sharing more about my calling to midwifery and how (right now, anyway) I plan to make the journey.

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